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If you have the entrepreneur spirit and sell anything such as eBooks, music, videos, photography, fonts, software, courses or any other downloadable product, Upload files make it easy.

We’ve become one of the leading file hosting sites due to our commitment to security and simplicity, ensuring your data is always protected and you get paid without any hassle.

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No technical skills required

You don’t need an IT degree to use our system. First time users will find it just as easy as those who have been using it for years. All you have to do is upload files, give it a name, set the price, add an optional cover image and share the unique file upload URL with customers.

You're free to do so on any platform of your choice, whether it’s your blog, website or social media channels. Once the URL is ready, you can start earning money right away. for selling online

Secure, automated delivery

When you upload files you want to sell, the process should be clean and simple. Uploadfiles deal with all the file hosting, with payments processed via Stripe – the leading online payment processing provider. You will also be able to create and provide your customers with receipts for their purchases.

Every file upload is stored securely on our servers and buyers of your product will only be granted access once payment has been confirmed. It ensures you only provide data to authorised visitors and never have to worry about your product losing value. is Stripe secure fraud detection

Powerful fraud protection

Uploadfiles partners with Stripe because of their stringent fraud monitoring techniques. We understand that in order to feel your transactions are safe and secure, you need certain guarantees. It’s all part of the processes we put in place to put your mind at ease once you upload files for sale.

In real terms this means files can only be download by prospective buyers once they have passed the required automated fraud detection tests. Using their unique Radar system, they are able to identify fraudulent attempts quickly and effectively, using the latest tools to keep your data safe at all times. is Stripe verified

Simple, transparent pricing

For every successful transaction, only 2.9% + 30¢ goes to Stripe. You can read full details on Stripe pricing here.

These costs are part of Stripe’s service and at no point do Uploadfiles earn any commission or fees from you using our service. We believe in being as transparent as possible and want you to be certain there are no additional costs for any file uploads or sales made on our platform.

For users signed up to our Business plan ($19/month), this service is inclusive within the package.

To see how easy it is to upload files and sell them using the Uploadfiles store, you can watch a live demo store selling digital below, or try our demo.

See how easy it is to upload files and sell them using the Uploadfiles store

How to sell digital goods in 3 easy steps

This feature is available to all business users, with no additional fees or costs involved. It’s all part of our commitment at Uploadfiles to simplify the process and ensure you have a file upload platform you can trust.

How to start selling digital products in 30 seconds Try a demo ↗
  1. 1

    Upload your digital products

    Once you have uploaded your files, simply click “sell file” via the dashboard. You can then set the selling price, give it a name, description and optional cover image. Whether an eBook seller or video uploader, using all of these features together will help promote your product and increase your conversion rate.

  2. 2

    Share your upload file URL

    Each file upload is assigned its own unique URL. This appears as soon as you have completed the first step on our file share system. You can then share the URL wherever you want, be it on your own website, blog, email, social media, or anywhere else you want to gain traction with potential customers.

  3. 3

    Accept payments

    When customers click on the URL they are taken to your product page. From there they can easily progress to the checkout using either a credit or debit card and confirm their payment via the integrated Stripe service.

    The download of the file only begins once payment has been confirmed. This gives you security and peace of mind that your files remain under your control and will not be accessed or shared without your permission.

Available to all Business Plan users,
no commission or extra fees

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